How Thermal Imaging helps in House Maintenance

A house construction is a major project that needs to be done perfectly to avoid future costs and to ensure that the house remains in a good condition for a long time. It is important to keep watch of a house to ensure that everything is functioning perfectly. Some defects can be hard to detect. It is therefore important to employ the use of a tool like thermal imaging infrared cameras that are based in Singapore to detect any defaults that might be affecting the house condition.

Benefits of Infrared Inspection During Home Inspection

Check the insulation

When you decide to incorporate insulation when constructing your house, the temperature of the entire building should be the same. However, if there is any defect in the insulation, the affected area will overheat. You may fail to feel the heat but with the use of an infrared camera that captures any overheating, you will be able to detect the insulation problem and deal with it on time.

Check for any loose electric connections

Electricity is a ruthless master. The effects of an improper connection or a loose connection can be fatal. Electricity is one of the major causes of house fires. To avoid such calamities, you should keep checking the condition of your wiring and connections from time to time. A thermal imager can detect any overheating in the wire connections or circuits. This way you will be warned early enough and do necessary corrections.

Check for any roof damage

With a thermal camera, you can detect a defect on the roof before it becomes big enough to wash out its occupants. Typical roof defects are punctures, space in the seam, or defects around the HVAC unit. With such problems water will saturate the insulation making such places to cool down slowly at night. With thermography, therefore, you can detect such defaults on time.