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50 Penny, of his real name Curtis Jackson, is definitely an National rapper created in the Queens of New York, September 6 1978. The origin of his pseudonym, 50 Dollar, originates from a New York gangster. When rapper 50 Dollar was 8 years old, his mother dies, his dad abandons him and rapper 50 Dime starts to offer cocaine to survive, while rapper 50 Penny was mentioned by his great mother. Not surprisingly difficult youth, rapper 50 Cent expectations to 1 day have the amount of money and the fame he has generally desire as a rapper.

After having a several forth and in jail, it’s 1996 that rapper 50 Cent matches Jam Grasp Jay of group Run DMC which label is JMJ Records. However the association with Jam Master Jay did not last, what is more rapper 50 Dollar decided with still another name Trackmasters, currently known in New York as a strong name and having previously caused musicians such as for example NAS or Jay-Z. Brand Trackmasters signs rapper 50 Penny, who makes his first record Energy Of The $, with Columbia Documents in 1999.

There are several rapper 50 Cent singles with success such as: « Your Life’s on the Point » and « How to Rob» ;.As a result of this last single, rapper 50 Dollar was nearly useless in-front of your home of his fantastic parents in Mai 2000, people opportunity at him 9 occasions, and 3 bullets hit him, one in his give, one in his right back and the final one in his experience, without bodily problems but would have given rapper 50 Dollar his design of voice. rapper 50 Cent still keeps sequels of this attack. But, several rappers rarely believe him.

Columbia Files, who was about to produce rapper 50 Dollar album, provides up. The two following years, rapper 50 Dime creates their own party G-Unit with Tony Yayo as well as Lloyd Banks, two musicians with whom rapper 50 Penny will accomplish in freestyle and mixtapes and afterward, when Tony Yayo goes into jail, Small Dollar ties the group.

In 2002, rapper 50 Penny meets Eminem, who, after hearing with a mixtapes of the artist, straight away signals him at Shady/Aftermath (Label of Eminem and Dr. Dre). His first achievement could be the simple “Wanksta” that has been on the first soundtrack of film 8 Mile.

In 2003, rapper 50 Dime releases his first LP with label Shady/Aftermath, with songs such as for instance “P.I.M.P”, “In Da Team” or “21 Issues “.The success is immediate: 800 000 income the first week. It can be the largest success of 2003 with almost 12 million copies sold. Exactly the same year, rapper 50 Cent produces his first LP together with his class G-Unit, the album Ask For Mercy. Once again the accomplishment is there. In 2005, rapper 50 Dime uses along with his second LP with Shady/Aftermath, The Massacre, 1,14 million albums can be purchased in 4 days. It’s the sixth best efficiency of revenue ever. Rapper 50 Penny also confirms still another record (like the Beatles) with 4 singles in the top 10 sales. The rapper 50 Penny collections can be purchased at significantly more than 8 million copies.

50 Cent Net Worth then produces their own clothing range called like his group: G-Unit Apparel, signals contracts with Reebok and different manufacturers and set up his own creation name, G-Unit Records. In 2006, is produced the movie about their own living and of same title as his first album with Shady/Aftermath, “Get Rich Or Die Tryin'”.Despite a particular achievement with the public, that picture has been found weeks in the most effective 50 of the worse shows observed by site IMDB.

Rapper 50 Penny has already established a child before getting popular between two remains in jail, which gives him the hope to prevent working cocaine and to invest herself in rap music. Rapper 50 Cent has received a connection with actress Vivica A. Fox. But she was therefore jealous of the other women that were about rapper 50 Penny, specially in his videos, that she leaves rapper 50 Cent.

Rapper 50 Dollar matters nowadays as many fans that as much enemies. Indeed, his rap is the thing of numerous critics. The actual rap fans discovered rapper 50 Cent also industrial, since most of his seems are made for the clubs, and his songs tend to be more and more easy. What is more, rapper 50 Dime set some artists back, specially New Yorkers: Jadakiss, Ja Principle, Fat Joe, Nas, Sheek Louch and Types P. Rapper 50 Dime does not hesitate to provoke and criticize them in his games such as “Piggy Bank” from album “The Massacre” (2005). His power and his notoriety allowed rapper 50 Cent to compromise the job of rapper Ja Rule, with whom rapper 50 Dime was in critical conflict.

The problem is thus very difficult, it is one of the very several times that two musicians from the exact same labels are in start conflict. The 2 rappers have collaborated together before and they have also bought quite a bit of these singles « How We Do » and « Hate It Or Love It » ;.The Sport has denied on radio stations that 50 Penny has led to the accomplishment of their recording “The Documentary” (2005) while according to rapper 50 Penny, it’s thanks to him that the record did sales.

Despite each one of these problems, rapper 50 Dollar may however count on a good portion of producers such as for instance Dr. Dre, Cool & Dre, Scott Storch, Eminem, and Destruction, with whom rapper 50 Cent entertains great relationships. The rapper from the Queens in addition has many friends in the rap since he held signing abilities like on his name G-Unit documents, which has in no time become really big. Consequently, rapper 50 Penny has already signed and worked with Mobb Strong, M.O.P., Ma$e, Crawl Loc, R&N artist Olivia… Eventually rapper 50 Cent however entertains excellent, not to imply great relations with Lloyd Banks, Tony Yayo and Small Dollar (the 3 preliminary customers of G-Unit), along with with Jay-Z and Missy Elliott. Rapper 50 Dollar belongs to the Crips, a block bunch within Los Angeles, and a little bit every-where in North America.