Marble Countertops: Styles along with Prices

Marble is a unique stone that is one of a kind, with a rich bit of class and complexity. It’s the fine wine that ravaged your taste buds that one time in St. Tropez, or that exquisite tartar that captivated every one of your chakras on the coast of Spain back in 2004. It was a good year, but I digress. That right there is what marble makes you feel. Many say, the natural lines in marble resemble human veins, a source of life for these stones. Many feel a powerful energy that emerges from such a breath-taking piece of natural art. It rapidly turns into the highlight of any room with its intense qualities and solid appeal. No two pieces are ever the same as these magnificent slabs of stone have been forming for millennia. They’re as extraordinary and unique as you and me. That’s right, baby, you’re extraordinary too! This material has an unadulterated and natural charm that has been utilized by people to display power and decadence for centuries. Its style and magnificence are unrivaled. You can experience marble for yourself by visiting your local showroom although you’ll probably find it has fewer color variations than say, Quartz countertops Hollywood Florida, or granite. There’s a good reason for that. Marble is so stunning that it doesn’t need to come in 100+ different colors and designs. You get what God gives you and that’s it… and you like it… No, you love it! It’s absolutely beautiful, whether you like it or not. Marble is the most permeable of the three materials which makes it increasingly susceptible to spills and staining from acidic fluids and solid compound cleaners. A high-grade sealant is required to guarantee your countertop remains crispy like a freshly pressed polo. I just need to help you fully comprehend the absolute beauty that exists in this material. Marble is a wonderfully sensitive material that stays delightful and energetic, regardless of the epoch. Again, they require sealant and routine upkeep, but so do we, right? Do you understand that this stone was produced by the miracle that is planet earth? The question is, are you even worthy of such a marvel? Do you even deserve to own such a timeless relic? Between marble, granite, and quartz, marble has the toughest upkeep. Marble is made of calcium carbonate. This material reacts with acidic substances like those in foods, beverages, and cleaners. Marble is so sensitive, even water can leave a permanent mark on the surface. What kind of filthy water do you drink? Would your water try to harm the timeless beauty that is marble? What we don’t want is for wear and tear to leave marks on the surface called “etching”, which can appear as a dull or light spot. Marble is that temperamental dinner date that only really likes nuggets and pizza but agreed to go to an expensive restaurant with you anyways. That expensive restaurant probably didn’t have marble because of how impractical it is so when you think about that perfect, white marble, remember, it’s nothing more than an angry teenager with no job, no direction, no shower, and a bottomless appetite for absolutely anything in sight. Marble is incredibly permeable making it less solid than others.How Granite Countertops Work | HowStuffWorks