The JCB company will offer the customers the new unique Teleskid 3TS-8W car with unlimited opportunities

New Teleskid from JCB represents the mini-loader with onboard turn equipped with a telescopic arrow. Thanks to such combination of Teleskid possesses the maximum working area and is the most universal car in the market among mini-loaders with onboard turn. JCB parts for sale: please click here

Technical characteristics

  • Full capacity of the engine – 55 kW
  • Operational weight – 4472 kg
  • Nominal loading capacity at the put-forward arrow – 611 kg

Maximum universality of application

New JCB Teleskid is the only mini-loader with onboard turn which height of raising of an arrow on the hinge of a ladle reaches 4,05 m, and a departure at ground level – 2,25 m. Such characteristics of an arrow allow the car to work there where any loader just won’t reach. By means of Teleskid for the first time it is possible to carry out loading of trucks without use of a ramp, through a border and other obstacles.

The working loading capacity of 611 kg at full promotion of an arrow guarantees safe movement of heavy freights. At any promotion of an arrow the hinged equipment is operated a standard hydraulic stream of 90 l/min. At the put arrow the increased hydraulic stream of 125 l/min is available. The standard system of fast capture “quick hitch” allows to use any hinged equipment for the mini-loader with onboard turn.

The increased productivity

JCB Teleskid combines functions of four cars – the fork loader, the telescopic loader, the compact wheel loader and the mini-loader with onboard turn, providing unsurpassed productivity. Teleskid is capable to carry out loading unloading of a trailer on the one hand, considerably reducing a work cycle.

The proved JCB EcoMAX engine differs in unsurpassed productivity on low turns, providing at the same time bigger traction effort. The impressive effort of a separation of a ladle allows to perform work of cars with bigger loading capacity for smaller time.

Unsurpassed force and stability

Reliable components of a design JCB Teleskid, including the strengthened arrow, are mounted on the powerful chassis. The telescopic arrow of JCB has undergone testing in the conditions of extreme loading and has proved the reliability on more than 20 000 cars.